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HIV/AIDS Drug discovery and research

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In the treatment of HIV infection it has been compromised to some extent by rapid multidrug-resistant HIV strains, low bioavailability, and cumulative toxicities, and so there is a need for alternative strategies of antiretroviral drug discovery and extra therapeutic agents with novel action modes or targets.The identification of viral and cellular drug targets is necessary for fueling the drug development pipeline. Early drug discovery efforts concentrated on a relatively low number of viral targets such as HIV reverse transcriptase (an enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of viral DNA inside infected cells from the RNA template carried by infectious virions) and HIV protease (an enzyme that cleaves and processes viral precursor proteins letting virion maturation).Treatment regimens containing combinations of reverse transcriptase and protease inhibitors,very often known as highly active antiretroviral therapy,revolutionized the treatment of people with HIV by markedly reducing viral load and decreasing the incidence of AIDS-associated opportunistic infections.Many patients receiving HAART nevertheless experience metabolic abnormalities and drug toxicities,have difficulty adhering to the complex drug regimens,and grow strains of HIV resistant to therapy.

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